2 - American Legion, Plano TX, 7pm
4 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
7 - Rock 101, Little Elm, 7pm
11 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
14 - Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm
18 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
25 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
29 - Mike with Mark David Manders, Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm

1 - Main Street Tavern, Richardson TX, 8pm
4 - Mike with Jay Johnson, Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm
7 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
10 - Mike LIVE on the Patio, Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm
11 - American Legion, Plano TX, 7pm
12 - The Rustic, Dallas TX, 4:30pm
14 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
18 - The Wooden Nickel, Ennis TX, 8pm
21 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
24 - Hosting "Texas Unplugged" with Rory Payne, Game On, Fairview TX, 8pm 
25 - Mike with Aubrey Lynn England, Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm
28 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm

6 - American Legion, Plano TX, 7pm
7 - Towers Tap House, Little Elm TX, 8:30pm
9 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
10 - Playing a set with the Heretics, Main Street Tavern, Richardson TX
12 - Performing with Rory Payne Band, Hank's Texas Grill, McKinney TX, 8pm
13 - Private show, Fairview, TX, 7pm
14 - Private show, Fairview, TX, 4pm
16 - HOSTING - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX, 7:30pm
17 - Main Street Tavern, Richardson TX, 8pm
19 - W/Rory Payne Band, Anna TX 7pm
20 - Splitsville, Fairview TX, 7pm
22 - 3 Moon House Concert presents: Mark David Manders, Chuck Ligon, Mike Schikora & Grady Yates, Southwest Gallery, Dallas TX, 5pm
23 - Songwriters Anonymous, Love and War in Texas, Plano TX 7:30pm
24 - Mike with Rory Payne, Shuck N Jive, Richardson TX, 7:30pm
29 - House Concert, Copan OK, 12pm

Front Range Records recording artist Mike Schikora is "taking root and rising" in the North Texas music scene!

The brother and sisterhood of the growing singer/songwriter circuit in northern Texas is not only growing in popularity, but becoming a union and family of artists taking the region by storm. The "Colorado Cowboy" as his TX family, friends, songwriters and fans know him by... is in it! BOOT DEEP!

Mike Schikora, who comes from Montana, who was a staff songwriter in Nashville, raised horses in Colorado has been making a permanent mark on the Texas music scene since the release of his last album "Horses & Guitars" in 2013!

Mike has become immersed in the singer/songwriter circuit all over TX. His music and voice has captured the heart of many of his comrades and fans!

Mike has a very busy summer ahead of him in 2014. Building an audience takes time and dedication...and persistence. He's kept the same venues entertained every month for over two years and not only do the same people continue to come back, they bring friends who continue to come back. What is happening is the old fashioned business of, entertaining! Mike will tell you, "It's never about me when I'm out there in front of an audience, be it 2 or 2,000! It's about what they want! I love it when I connect to an audience!" Recently Mike played at one of his favorite watering holes in Fairview, TX and he helped break the record in sales and volume since the venue opened!

In addition to playing all over TX, Mike got a chance to open for country star Chely Wright at the 2014 Long Beach Pride event held in Long Beach CA in mid May. "I loved it, it was so nice to be a part of a great event, and to top it off open and meet Chely Wright! Her story is an amazing one! I also embraced the chance to get my music out in front of a new audience. It worked! I made new friends AND I got invited back for next year!"

Mike is performing with shows this summer with notable TX artists, established and rising! In May, Mike performed with Zach Coffey, a native Oklahoma artist who's currently tearing up the Texas Music Charts. On July 4th, Mike is teaming up with an award winning 'prophet' of songwriters and 2005 Texas Music Awards Male vocalist winner, Jay Johnson! Also in July Mike performs with Texas Music Awards "2013 Female vocalist of the year" & "2014 Entertainer of the year" Aubrey Lynn England! This August, Mike is performing with his SXSW tour mate, great friend and songwriting legend in TX, Mark David Manders! Throughout the year Mike also performs shows as a back up vocalist and sometimes as a duo with his radio tour roadmate and good friend Rory Payne.

Mike also recorded back up vocals on 3 new album projects released earlier this Spring. Sean Franks & Chapter 11 "Redneck To The Bone", Tyler Rodgers Band "The Other Side" and Bryan Adam Joyner "Just Me"! Coming soon is Rory Payne's sophomore album project coming out in July. Mike has also set some time aside to begin recording new music in Nashville this August with his "Horses & Guitars" producers Michael Bonagura & Kathie Baillie.

Hard to keep up, but the music and energy keeps flowing as Mike Schikora continues to follow his path and live the dream!



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Fairview, TX 75069

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For more information, to request a press kit, CD, mp3 of the single or to set up an interview with Mike Schikora, please contact Front Range Records at mscocowboy@yahoo.com.

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